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Education Fund

Members! Do you have some wonderful idea: to write a pamphlet, hold an informational meeting, develop a slide presentation, and no money with which to do it? Don't despair! There are ways that LWV Education Fund can help.

Let's say that your League decides to put out a Voters' Guide or to hold a public meeting to introduce candidates or to use radio or television for spot announcements. To get started, you write (for the Ed. Fund board) a short project description which includes your plan for execution (we can help you do this). Once approval of the project is given, you can solicit money, in Ed. Fund's name, from your local donors, who can deduct their donation because Ed. Fund has tax exempt status. Then you can begin your project. It's not hard to do and your League gets all the credit for your efforts. The Ed. Fund asks only for a 5% administration fee, most of which goes back to the League through shared office expenses in Honolulu.

Past projects include voters' service projects, juvenile justice studies, the videotape "Slowly Dying Embers" and the reapportionment suit. We were confident that we could raise the money to do each job and we were right. The state League is using Ed. Fund as a vehicle to attract money for the gubernatorial debates and a voter information pamphlet. You can do it too!

Jerry Hess
Ed. Fund pres.

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