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This was a low-key session for legislators and for the League. In a pre-election year, there is not a flurry of major legislation. On the chart above is a final run-down on the bills of inter interest to League, including those whose final disposition was not known for the last Leo Hana issue.

Concerning HB 3092, there are legal questions since the Federal District Court has kept the matter of reapportionment under their jurisdiction.

After the Governor vetoed SB 2346, he sent a delegation to Washington to try to regain impact aid. To date these efforts have been unsuccessful.

Other activities in the Action Committee included legislative interviews which build name recognition for the League. These are planned again for this fall. Despite the difficulty in finding legislators in their offices before the session begins, these interviews can pro-vide information to both sides.

There is a file of bills from last session in the League office (big red book), available for your perusal. Before the 1983 Session the Action Committee will be planning what issues to follow and what possible action might be taken.

Marion Saunders
Action chair

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