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National Issues Considered

National Convention will be held from May 15th to 19th in Houston, Tex., at the Hyatt Regency Hotel. In addition to voting for new officers, program and budget, delegates will consider other LWV matters, including national's new membership ideas, Per Member Payment and Travel Equalization Payment, and attend various workshops.

Delegates from Hawaii are Rhoda Miller and Marion Saunders from state; Arlene Woo from Honolulu and Winona and David Sears from Kauai. They have been instructed to vote as follows:

On LWV matters: State is against the proposed raise in PMP to National from $11 to $12; State, Kauai and Hilo will vote to disenfranchise local leagues that do not pay their PMP from voting at National Convention.

On new program: Honolulu and state want to drop the health care study because of lack of funding and interest; Hilo and state would like LWV to work on promoting citizen participation in government by new citizens (immigrants); Kauai and Honolulu would like to undertake the study of the impact of defense spending on domestic policies (state goes uninstructed on this item); Kauai would like to re-study the income assistance part of the Human Resources position.

Going to National Convention is an exhilarating experience; delegates hope to share some of that excitement in their re-orts at State Council on June 5th.

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