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League Wins Reapportionment Suit (Anne Lee)
Citizen Service Brochure Planned (Rhoda Miller)
Come to State Council
National Issues Considered
LWV/Hawaii Proposed Budget 1982-83
Legislative Update
Maui League Gains Provisional Status
Kauai Lobbies for General Plan Changes
Honolulu Gets New Home
Hilo to Undertake New Studies
Action Alert

Legislative Update

Bill Number Description Status
HB 2050Standards for air quality control Held in committee
HB 2374
HB 2375
Both held in committee
HB 2674 Sets specific ratios for public office Passed House; presently in Senate Judiciary
SB 2346 SD 2 Tuition to compensate for reduction in impact aidPassed 2nd Reading
HB 2006 Providing for placement resources for minorsHeld in committee
SB 2294 Vocational training to be provided at Youth Correctional CenterPassed out of comm.to Finance, but stalled there.
HR 209 Same subject as SB 2294 Probably will pass (See comment below)
HB 2363 Secure facilities for juveniles on Hawaii and KauaiProbably will not pass
SB 2287 Provides for restitution by family & juvenile for losses by public or private entity Held in Senate Jud.
HB 1524
SB 1044
Voters Ed Pamphlet Both held in comm.

Further comment . . .

HB 2050 - League testified in both the House and Senate in favor of this bill. Evidently it failed because of its wording. A more carefully phrased bill could pass next year.

SB 2346 SD 2- This bill would have either the federal government or parents in the military "to make up the difference between 50% of the total per capita cost of public education , . . and the actual federal funds received for the purpose of educating elementary or secondary pupils, military or federally connected dependent persons of school age." This means that if Impact Aid is reduced Hawaii will still receive extra money. There is great doubt that such a plan is constitutional.

HR 209 - This resolution requests specific information on the cost of a three year program. Here is a possible area for League input.

Reflections . .

League needs to prepare for action instead of reaction. Next year's Legislative session should be open to new ideas for program and changes in old because it is an off-election year, To be ready we need to begin planning early - right after the close of the 1982 Session. In particular, we need people interested in and concerned about energy, environment, and water, Phone Marion Saunders to join the action.

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