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League Project Gets Underway

Citizen Service Brochure Planned

"The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan organization working to promote political responsibility through informed citizen participation in government"

Citizen participation in government is more than just voting and testifying before legislative bodies. It includes service on citizen boards and commissions where the individual, in concert with other citizens, can make a difference.

But how does the citizen learn about these public boards? The League of Women Voters, often asked questions about government, should be able to provide the answers. And League members and other citizens should be able to take advantage of this information, so they may match their interests, skills and abilities to those areas where they can best be used.

Taking our cue from the Florida LWV, which recently published a "Citizen's Guide to State-level Advisory Boards" state board has approached local leagues with the idea of working together to research and produce a publication which lists the citizen advisory boards and commissions on the state and county levels; tells about each board's purpose, authority and responsibilities; and advises about qualifications and appointment to service. Member response has been enthusiastic, and so at State Council we begin our project with a "pep talk" from Dr. Mary Bitterman, who heads the Department of Regulatory Agencies.

Mary says that this is a subject that is "dear to my heart" and she is delighted that League wants to do this project. We hope that many members will plan to attend State Council and take advantage of the opportunity to meet and talk with other Leaguers about where we've been, what we've done and what we plan to do.

We'll also meet our newest members from Maui. See you on June 5th!

Rhoda Miller
LWV/Hi. President

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