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LWV/Hawaii Proposed Budget 1982-83

*A suggestion that we switch from lump-sum pledge to per-member-payment pledge will be considered at State Council, along with a plan for state to assume responsibility for corporate fundraising and share equally among the local Leagues on a per-member basis, and eliminate Travel Equalization Payment.

Here's how it would work: State would assume responsibility for raising funds from state-wide corporations. It would deduct 1/5 (for expenses and income) and distribute the rest on a per-member basis to local Leagues. Local Leagues, in turn, would give a per-member pledge to state. No local League would be asked to help pay travel expenses for another, but efforts would be made to hold state Convention and Council on different isles. Monies raised by local Leagues through vote counts, dues, fundraisers, etc., would, of course, be used at their discretion. For example, if state raises $5000 from corporations, it would keep $1000 and distribute $4000 thus:

The rationale for this plan is, of course, that it would encourage local Leagues to increase membership and encourage state to work hard for corporate donations; all would reap benefits from their efforts. Please consider this plan and we'll talk about it at State Council June 5th.

*Figures for these areas are the same as those in the 1981-82 adopted budget (with an increase in allocated expenses due to new office) but the treasurer's report submitted at State Council will show a large expenditure in these areas, due to costs incurred in reapportionment suit and in organizing the Maui league. We don't anticipate such expenses next fiscal year, but do foresee expenses in the Voters' Service portfolio, due to possible costs in financing a Gubernatorial Candidates' Debate on TV.

Budget Committee: Jerry Hess, Fay Hill, Rhoda Miller, Carol Whitesell

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