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Violence & Values Workship

On February 21, 80 interested citizens and League members converged at Hale Koa Hotel to discuss violence and values in the schools. In addition to hearing thoughts on the subject from various guest speakers, the workshop participants also provided suggestions for action. A sample of the suggestions are listed below:

  • Support cultural awareness projects in the schools.

  • Monitor school attendance; quickly report absences to parents.

  • Draft school rules with input from students; the rules should clearly delineate lines of responsibility. Circulate and enforce the rules.

  • Devote a page on school news in the daily newspaper on a regular basis.

  • Support remedial programs at the elementary level to be sure that students have the necessary skills to enter the secondary level.

  • Establish communication between principals and parents, who must take the lead in solutions; principals are the key ingredient.

  • Ask business to give community service time off so that parents can participate in the schools; parent visibility in the schools is important.

  • Investigate the collective bargaining laws regarding principals and teachers.

  • Note successful programs in various schools and see if the information can be circulated.

  • Support alternative schools.

  • Support a student court system.

  • Promote vocational education.

The Schools Committee will contact interested workshop participants to pursue this topic area. Based on the expressed level of interest, it should be an exciting project!

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