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Nuclear Education Project

The national LWV Education Fund selected the LWV/Hawaii to receive a $2,000 grant to undertake a nuclear energy education project; 18 other Leagues have also received grants. In conjunction with the Health Physics Society of Hawaii, the LWV/Hawaii will us'! the grant to produce a 30-minute videotape on the subject of nuclear waste in the Pacific.

Topics to be included in the tape are: High Level Versus Low Level Waste; Risks -- "How Safe Is Safe"; Types of Disposal; and 'Public Policy Issues -- dumping, universal versus social concerns, local versus national interests. We plan to present the last two topics in a taped League meeting with an ex-pert speaker(s) explaining the methods of disposal, followed by a question and answer period in which Leaguers will raise issues of social concern. We will conclude the film by listing ways the public can participate in policy making.

As we all know, it is virtually impossible to complete such a project without the tremendous support and encouragement from the community -- and this project is no exception. George Darby, Audio-Visual Coordinator at the East-West Center, is assisting us with the videotape production. Dr. Kirk Smith, East-West Center Research Associate, is contributing his time and expertise to our project. Dr. John Kelly (University of New Hampshire Sub Sea Bed Research Program) and Charles Hollister (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution) have offered to be the "guest speakers" for the filmed League meeting.

The videotape project should be ready for viewing by June 1981. If there is an adequate level of interest generated by the tape, we may have a follow-up conference of international scope on the Pacific Basin Nuclear Waste Disposal and/or a companion brochure to the LWVUS publication Nuclear Waste Primer. The companion brochure will focus on nuclear waste in the Pacific.

Project coordinators are Hawaii County League members, Sara Thompson and Sylvia Hammer.

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