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League at the Legislature
Call to Convention
High Sulfur Fuel: Another Story
Get a Piece of the Action
League Unveils JJ Position
Violence & Values Workship
It's a New Pub! [Countdown on Reapportionment]
Nuclear Education Project
Hey, You!

Hey, You!

That's right -- you, with your feet propped up on that coffee table. You, who are reading this newsletter because it beats doing your tedious chores. You, who are dutifully skimming this news-letter before dashing off to do your errands. You, who are guiltily scanning this newsletter before using it to line your bird cage. And you, who are using this newsletter -- instead of sheep -- to put you to sleep. That's right, all of you. Please take 5 minutes from your boring, tedious, busy schedules to jot down names and addresses of League friends and/or potential friends for the direct mail fund drive. Then, as soon as possible, please send that list to Sue Francis. Sue thanks you. We all thank you. But we need those names now.

Please send your list to: Sue Francis, 116 South King Street, Suite 504, Honolulu, Hawaii 96813.

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