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Hazardous Waste in Hawaii? (Anna Hoover)
Recommended Readings
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Hilo Members Attend Conference
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It's Direct Mail Time!
Observations of an Election Observer (Anne Marie Duca)
ABC Team Does Great Job in Spite of Landslide Victory...

Recommended Readings

  • A Toxic Substances Primer (1979) discusses the effects of exposure to toxic materials and defines some technical terminology. Reviews government pro-grams to control toxic materials and outlines the perspectives of public interest groups and industry. Publication No. 545, 6 pages 40¢.

  • A Hazardous Waste Primer (1980) discusses the sources and characteristics of hazardous wastes, the impact of improper handling and the recycling treatment and disposal options. Reviews relevant federal programs and suggests activities for citizen involvement. Publication No. 402, 6 pages, 75¢

  • A Nuclear Waste Primer (1980) provides basic information on the sources and types of radioactive waste. Outlines past and present government waste management programs. De-scribes future policy options and opportunities for citizen participation in the decision making process. Publication No. 391, 36 pages, $1.25.

All of the above publications may be ordered through the LWVUS Education Fund, 1730 M Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20036.

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