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Hazardous Waste in Hawaii? (Anna Hoover)
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Help Wanted

The Natural Resources Committee has begun a study of water management. The committee anticipates the development of a water code and the designation of a water agency by the 1981 Legislature. Committee members are also interested in the Department of Health's revision to the Solid Waste Management Regulations which is now taking place. Help is needed to read and review national LWV publications on natural resources; research existing laws and rules governing water or solid waste; research possible approaches to rule and law changes in the areas of solid waste and water; write Viewpoints and articles on water and solid waste; and observe legislative committee hearings.

Members on the neighbor islands are also needed to do any of the above as well as report county concerns, plans, and ideas to the State LWV chairperson. Much responsibility for water and solid waste lies with the counties, so we need neighbor island information.

Please contact your local president or Anna Hoover (116 S. King Street, Room 504, Honolulu, Hawaii, 96813)' for more information.

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