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We Have Friends!
A Report of the Direct Mail Fund Drive

It may come as no surprise to League members that the LWV has many friends in the community who like what we do, call on us frequently for information and service, and appreciate the quality of League work. But now, through our statewide direct rail fund drive, we also know that at least 52 of those friends care enough to contribute financially to support our work. We must say "at least," because there are probably lots more whom we have not yet asked.

Our mailing list, developed totally from member reference, has only 875 names (544 in Honolulu, 131 on Kauai, 116 in Hilo). Our percentage return statewide (number of contributors to the total list) is six percent. Broken down by return to local Leagues, Hilo takes the prize with a 13% return! By any direct mail standard, that's terrific -- especially when our costs were met, too, and Hilo and Honolulu even turned a profit.

What's so great about doing little more than meeting costs, one may ask. Again, based on the experience of many mighty (and worthy) institutions (colleges, hospitals, community welfare groups), the first year direct mail costs often only equal the return. Any excess is wonderful, but what actually happens in that first year is that the organization develops a group of friends -- many of whom may be counted on again, and again, and again to help the organization continue its work. After the third year of a direct mail program, costs will take up only 20% or less of the income; also, the group of supporters will be fairly constant and, hopefully, growing. In the case of the League, that growth is up to us -- each of us.

In order to continue the great success of our first direct mail fund drive, please send names and addresses of LWV friends to add to the mail list. When the drive takes place for the second year (March 1981), please be on hand to add personal notes to the fund drive letter. Hilo's 13% return success is directly attributable to the personal messages written by Hilo members on all the letters they sent. Also, out of the 33 contributors in Honolulu, 27 received personalized letters.

Your help is needed -- a few minutes of your time can mean a lot of support for the League. And don't forget the additional advantage of direct mail: we have told more people about the League's work. Perhaps they will support us in the future. Perhaps they will act as resource for our programs. Perhaps they will even join and become active members. Many other organizations already know the things we are discovering: friends are only too happy to help an organization do the work which ultimately benefits them, their families, and their community.

Please send names and addresses to Sue Francis, 116 S. King Street, Suite 504, Honolulu, Hawaii 96813.

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