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"Coast" Awareness Project

The LWV/Hawaii has received a grant of $1,250 to conduct a coastal public awareness project. It is part of the $90,000 granted to the national LWV from the Department of Commerce.

As you recall, in 1977, the LWV/ Hawaii conducted a very successful poster contest entitled, "What Hawaii's Coast Means To Me." This year's project will include: (1) a brochure on the "coast," "coast"-related issues and the Hawaii CZM program update; (2) mass media advertisements; and (3) a celebration of "Coast Day." The objective of the project is to foster public awareness of a harmonious existence with our coast while making the most of its offerings.

This year is very important for our coastal program. Two bills re-authorizing the federal Coastal Zone Management program passed Congress, and President Carter declared 1980 as the "year of the Coast."

The Hawaii CZM Act of 1977 (Act 188) provides for state authorities to coordinate the CZM program under the leadership of the state Department of Planning and Economic Development. Hawaii's program was approved by the federal government in 1978; subsequently, the counties developed the Special Management Area boundaries in 1979.

In Hawaii, the LWV is represented on the Statewide Citizens' Advisory Committee, which is a committee for the CZM program. Committee members Kiyoko Nitz, Romayne Karl, Linda Higgins, Rhonda Leach, and Barbara Rhoads have been working on the "Coast Awareness" project along with Pat Shutt, Laura Goo, and Arlene Woo. Dora May Banner will join the committee in September. The committee has planned a very exciting project and needs every Leaguer's assistance. If you can help, please call Kiyoko Nitz (261-8212), Romayne Karl (261-8286), or the LWV office (531-7448).

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