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D.C. Voting Rights - A League Victory! (Carol Whitesell)
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Voter Service Gears Up

Voter Service Gears Up

What is OHA? Who may vote in this special election? What effect will the expanded school board have on voters in November? What does the single party primary mean if you have voted as a Democrat in the past? Will we have any amendments to vote on? How many Senators will be elected?

Answers to these and other questions will be found in a news release that the Voters Service Committee is preparing for pre-election distribution. We are presently contacting newsletter and in-house publication editors throughout the State to offer them the release as an election service to their readers. The election will be confusing unless voters are aware of the new procedures before they approach the polls. We are hoping to help minimize the confusion by providing a simple explanation of changes in effect this year.

As a result of our Voter Service plans, the committee needs the names of more newsletters and editors to add to our mailing list. Members are asked to forward any information regarding newsletter titles, names of editors, and frequency of the publication to Anne Marie Duca at the State League office.

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