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On Other Legislative Concerns...

There was no progress on initiative, deposit and return, or creation of a state water agency. We testified in favor of the Lt. Governor's request for funds to prepare a voters' information pamphlet for distribution to all households before the primary, but it did not pass. In the area of campaign finance, provisions to close a loophole in the re-porting of campaign contributions were deleted by both the House and Senate. The lobby registration law was drastically overhauled. Lobby registration requirements now apply to only paid lobbyists and those individual lobbyists who spend $275 or more in a six month period. Although the League supported streamlining the law, we have some reservations about this bill; we'll see how it works.

Fifteen bills (out of over 30) to bring our statutes into compliance with the State ERA made it through the legislature this session. Representative Carol Fukunaga and Senator Patsy Young were prime movers in this effort. These bills remove discriminatory provisions and references to gender. For example, it is now clear that the State Forester need not be a man.

The $77,500 appropriated during last session for a displaced homemakers program was encumbered in the budget. The League supported implementation of this program.

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