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Wallets are getting flatter under the impact of unemployment, inflation, and rising costs for public services. Headlines are full of tax slasher moves and the federal government, as the biggest spender, is attracting the attention of an increasing number of advocates for a balanced federal budget. As League members, you will want to be able to talk rationally about what this all means. So, you will want to order The Balanced Budget: A Closer Look, which is published by the LWV Education Fund.

In this publication, you will find out the effect of deficit spending on the economy, the difference between fiscal policy and monetary policy, the impact of a balanced budget on federal programs, and much, much more. We quote from one section to pique your appetite:

An Amendment or a Statute? Even if everyone agreed that balancing the budget was a sound and workable economic idea, and language to express the requirement could be refined, substantial questions would remain as to how the requirement should be enacted. Should it be by passing a law in Congress or by amending the Constitution? If it were the latter, what would be the process?

If you want to know the opinions of former Senator Sam Ervin and Harvard Professor Lawrence Tribe on the issue of a balanced budget by constitution or amendment, order your copy today! The number for ordering is #632 at 40¢ per copy. Please direct requests to the State League office.

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