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D.C. Voting Rights: Update

The D.C. Voting Rights Amendment was introduced in both Houses of the State Legislature early in the session in the form of House and Senate concurrent resolutions. Passage requires approval by a majority of both Houses. The resolution has been referred to the Senate Intergovernmental Relations Committee, chaired by John Ushijima; and to the House Judiciary Committee, chaired by Dennis Yamada. Hearings have not yet been scheduled.

Support for the passage of the amendment continues to grow. In mid-December, a letter urging ratification of the amendment was sent to every legislator over the names of 20 supporting groups. Since then, three more unions have declared their support for the amendment.

Interviews with a number of legislators have convinced us that public interest and support will be a key factor in achieving ratification. he hope to muster the supporting organizations in full force at the time of the hearings. If the committees act favorably, chances are good for passage by each House, but we don't want to take any chances. Contact your legislators and let them know you are concerned and want them to vote "yes" on the D.C. amendment.

For facts and arguments, refer to the LWVUS publication, Simple Justice, which was sent to every member with the fall Leo Hana.

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