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A Chance to Choose

Very soon the League will embark on a statewide direct mail finance drive. This effort is new for the League, but not for many other successful non-profit organizations.

Why this kind of drive? Direct mail fundraising is far more than a mere plea for money. It is a statement of an organization's purpose, goals, and accomplishments. It is an opportunity for the organization to communicate directly with a large number of people who have similar concerns, ideals, and interests. And it is a chance for those people to support the organization SO THAT IT CAN CONTINUE TO FURTHER THEIR INTERESTS.

All of the members in the League know that the quality of information and service we provide is first rate. We also know that we do it all on a "no frills," shoestring budget. We know that the public is getting a lot for very little, if any, money. And we realize that we could do even more for people if we only had the resources.

Statistics show that people contribute more readily to a winning cause. They like to get on the bandwagon of a group that is going places especially the places they themselves want to go. So if the I.WV wants to move the bandwagon, we need to let more people know about us -- what we do, how w do it, and how much (or how little!) it costs. We need to show them how their support will move the League faster and farther along our common course. the importance of personalizing our appeal cannot be emphasized enough. People are far more willing to contribute if they are asked by someone in the organization that they know and respect. The personal touch adds credibility both to the value of the organization and its need for financial support.

So if you haven't done so already, make a list of names and addresses of people you know who believe in the work of the league, or who would if they knew more about us. Send the list to your local League. And he on hand to write a short "P.S." on the fund drive letters when they arrive in a few weeks. A little time will yield a great result -- for LWV and ultimately for the public.

After all, the main purpose of the League of Women Voters is to ensure freedom of choice through citizen participation in the democratic process. Let's give others the choice of contributing to our efforts on their behalf.

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