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Observing the Family Court

November is "dry run" month for the Family Court Observation phase of the League's Juvenile Justice study. Committee members and other interested Leaguers are trying out the data collection forms as they observe various kinds of hearings: adjudication, detention, disposition, and waiver. In preparation for their actual courtroom experience, the observers read a handbook written by Leaguer Anne Kent. They also attended a two-morning training session, where Herbert Lee, Oahu Family Court's Administrator for Children and Youth Services, provided an overall orientation to the juvenile justice process; and Public Defender Marie Milks, UH law student Francis Akamine, and Deputy Prosecutor Robert Rodrigues gave a "crash" course in law for the beginner.

Observing is only one facet of the League study. In fact, observers will not get the full picture of the juvenile justice system by observation alone. They will receive impressions about inter relationships, procedures, purposes, strengths, and problems encountered for all the agencies that serve juvenile justice. They will also see a wide variety of cases, the court's workload, how many "rights" juveniles do and do not have, and the disposition options.

The League observers are not attempting to provide valid statistics. They are, as lay citizens, trying to learn about the system. Observers' general impressions, questions, and value judgments will point out areas for the League to explore further.

Opportunity In League. The League's official Family Court observing project will begin in January 1980. We have assured the Family Court that our observers will be carefully selected and well-trained. People who would like to apply as a League Family Court observer must: (1) attend a training session in January, and (2) commit one morning or afternoon per week as an observer. If you are interested, please fill in the requested information below and send the form to Bunnie Panela, Observer Coordinator, 116 South King Street, Room 504, Honolulu, Hawaii 96813.

APPLICATION -- Family Court Observer

Name Address Telephone

I am available to observe during the following times:

Mail to: League of Women Voters of Hawaii, 116 S. King Street, Honolulu, Hawaii 96813 Attn: Bunnie Pamela, Observer Coordinator

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