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Linking Committee News

The statewide Linking Committee met in Honolulu at the League office on October 18-19, 1979. In addition to the representatives from the local Leagues and the State Board, we had a consultant from the Society of Corporate Planners, Jim Poole, attending the Friday afternoon session. The Society of Corporate Planners, as a community service, has volunteered to help the League of Women Voters identify organizational planning problems and offer advice on how we can tackle those problems. Jim is with the Bank of Hawaii Marketing Division. We are very enthusiastic about the opportunities this presents and we look forward to constructive help in making us an even greater organization.

The major focus of our two day session was on membership. We worked on identifying the processes used in handling prospective members, new members, continuing members, and members who are about to drop out of the LW. The exchange of information on how membership treatment is or isn't working in the League was very valuable to us all. We had lots of creative ideas on how best to handle each of these areas and the common theme running throughout each step on the membership track was POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT. We like to think that we are doing that, but we did identify areas that are in need of changes, as they may be interpreted in a negative fashion. We also looked at ways that the most important job in the League -- membership -- can be divided up into manageable jobs as long as the communication between the component parts is written into the job descriptions.

We also discussed the direct mail finance drive plans and calendar plans, and took orders for the new brochure. Hilo was the first to order 100 brochures, and we know they'll be reaping the results of a positive image of the League as soon as they are in circulation on the Big Island.

The next Linking Committee meeting will be in Hilo and will have a workshop, and study and action as part of the agenda.

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