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International Trade

What is your stake in international trade? Imported oil. Consumer prices. Consumer choice. Jobs. Inflation. Energy. The results of trade policies touch each one of us every day.

Increasing understanding of this complex subject is the goal of an international trade project for which the Hawaii League has a pass-through grant. In the recent Tokyo round of the multilateral trade negotiations, tariffs, and codes of conduct governing the use of non-tariff barriers that affect trade were dealt with -- with mixed results. Domestic political considerations in the trading nations made the negotiations sensitive and difficult to conclude satisfactorily. As in so many areas of our economy and international relations, there are no simple answers. Nevertheless, real progress toward freer trade was the result.

General meetings of the local Leagues will give each League member a chance to have a better understanding of the problems of balancing the many interests involved in trade and to participate in mini-negotiations themselves. James Wills, of the School of Business at the University of Hawaii, is developing some cases for us and he, Dorothy Marsh, and Caroline Ingersoll will guide the negotiations on Kauai on November 8, Hilo on November 15, and in Honolulu on December 10. For more information, please contact your respective local League president.

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