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A New Link in the League Chain

A brand new statewide committee has been formed for the LWV-Hawaii. Called the Linking Committee, it sounds a little like a cliché which may evoke images of a chain which is only as strong as its individual links and that sort of thing. But as bromidic as the concept may appear, the experience of the Linking Committee members at the. first meeting last July 13th and 14th was that there is a lot of truth in the old adage. Maile Rierson from Hawaii, Charlotte McFadden from Kauai, Kay Allen from Honolulu, and Pat Shutt from the State Board, in sessions coordinated by Barbara Dykes (State Organization) and Sue Francis (State Finance), took a close look at the individual links that make up the League of Women Voters in Hawaii, and how they overlap and interlock to reinforce the purpose and direction of the League, both locally and statewide.

While each Local League carries its own county program items, all come together at Convention every two years to select programs that affect the entire state. This year, for example, while Kauai studies Land Use, Transportation, and Tourism, and Hawaii offers debates on the pros and cons of Proposed County Charter revisions, and Honolulu takes consensus for action on its City and County Charter proposals, all Leagues will be involved in some aspect of the newly adopted juvenile justice study -- finding out how the system works and informing the membership and the public throughout the state. In the same way, national program becomes a part of League work in Hawaii -- such as the up-and-coming action campaign to get Hawaii's ratification of the D.C. amendment.

In all the work of the League, it is the public who benefits -- from the information we provide and the service we give. But how well does the public know about it? One of the first tasks of the Linking Committee was to put together a master calendar of local and state program to begin coordination of publicity on items that are of most interest and concern to the general citizenry. Each League and State Board will complete a publicity strategy for their number one priority program item to insure maximum visibility and awareness of League activities.

Another effort of the Linking Committee was to put heads together on background material for an information brochure about the' League of Women Voters in Hawaii. The brochure, slated to be completed in September, will be used along with local membership information for general distribution. It will also form the backbone of the statewide finance drive.

The purpose of the finance drive, which is supplementary to other fundraising activities, is to broaden the League's financial base. The direct mail appeal will be targeted to a large number of individuals, non-members, who appreciate and support the League's work (or may if they knew more about us!).

In reviewing the way in which we organize ourselves within League structure, the Committee found that, in forging ahead with program and procedures, we often neglect what has made us such a successful organization -- our members and their orientation to the way we work together in League. Some positive. strides were made in the Committee discussion toward committing more time and attention to our members who are, after all, the basic, essential links that form the League chain.

After a weekend of meetings, formal and informal, the Linking Committee had much to take back to their respective Boards, but the general feeling was that the more each link knows about the other and the way we are related, the stronger the LWV in Hawaii will be.

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