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Schools Committee

The first scoop sheets from the schools committee will arrive in mid December and will consider the impact and availability of current Federal programs in the Hawaii schools. The second scoop sheet is scheduled for the following month and will cover the School Advisory councils and PTA's.

The League is co-sponsoring a forum on competency testing which will occur on Dec. 2 from 9-12 a.m. at Kapiolani Community College. Dorothy Bremner (LWV) will be one of the panelists, speaking from the parents point of view. Other panelists will include A.A. Smyser, Stanley Kaki, of the DOE, Mary Raye Pohl, principal at Hanahauoli School, and a legislator. Caroline Ingersoll, Chairman of the Schools Committee, will moderate. Major sponsors of the event are: Hawaii Council of Teachers of English, Hawaii Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development and the Hawaii Newspaper Agency.

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