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LWV to Observe Court System

The State League was asked by the Hawaii Crime Commission to be court observers in five circuit and two district courts on Oahu for two months beginning January 5, 1979, to get information to answer these and other questions on the court system in Hawaii.

The training program for volunteer observers will be held in the Lieutenant Governor's office on November 30 and December 1 from 9-12 noon. After training, volunteers will be sworn in as official observers.

Leagues on the mainland have been effective observers of the court system in their states, which resulted in League programs to improve the judicial system.

Our League has not been involved in judicial or court studies before but there is a growing interest among our members in the judicial process.

If you are interested in volunteering one day or half a day a week for two months for this project, contact Annette Kent at 262-5259.

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