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Finance: Backbone of the League

League activities and programs, which attract members and attention for our organization, require more than good planning; they require money. Not necessarily vast sums, but enough to provide the services League is known for and to expand programs. And, much to our credit we Leaguers are getting better at raising this precious commodity. Since last December each of the Leagues has held a major fundraising effort and each has been very successful, not only on a financial and social level, but also in reaching out to the community. Our local leagues - Hilo, Kauai and Honolulu, are to be commended for undertaking such large projects with enthusiasm and talent and perhaps discovering among themselves newfound skills and abilities.

Kauai - In April the Kauai League held a wine and cheese party combined woman art auction at the Kilauea Plantation House. With spirited bidding for works donated by local Kauai artists, those who attended had a great time while boosting the Kauai treasury by over $1300. Congratulations to Gerry Wojno and her committee on a well-planned, well-attended event.

Hilo - On Thursday, October 5th, two days before the state primary, the Hilo League held a pupu party fundraiser at the Wailoa State Park. Attended by politicians and friends of the League, the party drew over 150 people and made over $800. Maile Rierson gets credit for organizing and inspiring her committee, always encouraging them with the thought that if they didn't take a chance to make money, then they simply wouldn't get it. "Taking a chance" translates to having $84 in the treasury, but raising it to $120 (by passing the hat for a "IOU" from Leaguers' husbands) to hire a band.

Honolulu - Honolulu's First Annual Makamaka Mixer was such a success, netting almost $1500 each for Honolulu and State, that Beverly Endrizal is again chairing a committee organizing the Second Annual Makamaka Mixer upcoming on December 1st at the historic Blaisdell Hotel. From early ticket sales it promises to be another successful event. "Not only do we need to make money and a lot of it" says Bev, "but we need to get to know each other in the League, let our friends know about the League, and have a lot of fun while we're at it!"

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