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National Winner

Our Coastal Awareness Poster contest has had an exciting result! Shelley Kuroda's beautiful batik, first place winner in the high school division, has been chosen to be the national coastal awareness poster. The Federal Office of Coastal Zone Management plans to produce 30 to 50,000 of these posters to be distributed to all coastal states.

Shelley's poster is done in shades of blue and brown -- a stylistic blue sea shading into the brown land -- with the inscription, "Our love for the land and the sea" along the shoreline. She will be a Senior at Farrington and her poster was a product of her first art class. She hopes to major in fashion design, and certainly has a spectacular beginning for her "portfolio". All of our members who saw Shelley's batik wanted to steal it for a skirt.

The many Leaguers who worked so hard on the contest can be very pleased with the resulting publicity for the coastal zone, for Hawaii, and especially for the League of Women Voters.

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