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Council Wrap-Up

The League of Women Voters state council held May 13th at the Sheraton Waikiki gave all those who attended the opportunity to take a minimum competency exam, score it, then discuss its overall value. This was done as part of the afternoon discussion groups that followed a very informative morning panel chaired by Dorothy Bremner on the topic of Minimum Competency Testing.

Not only were the pros and cons of such exams discussed vigorously, but also the merits of the public school system as it exists in Hawaii today. Sharon Wado from the Hyatt Regency felt that the schools were not doing their job in preparing young adults to enter the working community. "Many have no idea what to expect when they are looking for a job," said Sharon Wado. The hectic pace of modern life coupled with many subjects unheard of a few years ago have had a tremendous impact on today's students. Because of these changes the Executive Director of the HSTA, John Radcliffe, feels there is still much to be done on program development before we can start such testing. Marion Saunders, a member of the Board of Education, felt we should avoid jumping on the testing bandwagon. "Tests are not sufficient because they measure symptoms, not causes and provide no remedies." Possible remedies were discussed by a DOE representative, Rose Yamada, who suggested overall curriculum improvement areas and ways to give legitimate meaning to the high school diploma without directly linking it to minimum competency testing. The problems with the suggested minimum competency proposal of the DOE as seen by the chairman of the legislative committee on Basic and Real Life Skills, Yukio Naito, boil down to a failure to help students pass the exam and to utilize the results in any constructive manner.

It was a stimulating program carefully and competently prepared by the Schools Committee headed by Caroline Ingersoll. Kudos also go to Myrne Blomquist and her committee for competently handling all the hotel and luncheon arrangements.

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