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Ka Po'e - The People are the Source of the Law

A project of the League of Women Voters of Hawaii Education Fund, Inc.

The Ka Po'e Project is in high gear at long last. 25,000 copies of the CONstitutional CONvention 78 brochure have been distributed. The film is completed and we are very pleased with the results. The Vista Volunteers have been hired and trained and are throughout the state organizing community meetings. The researchers are busy researching issues and the Delegates' Workshop is shaping up nicely and looks like it will be a stimulating session for those elected to the convention.

We have raised $113,200 in cash donations and ACTION has given us FIVE Vista volunteers which will save us $24,000 in personnel costs. This all adds up to a grand total of $137,200. We couldn't have raised that kind of money without the good reputation of the League. That reputation comes from the dedicated commitment of members. So, take a bow!

You probably want to know who all is involved in Ka Po'e,so here is the cast of characters. Pat Shutt is Director and Muriel Roberts co-Director. Dorothy Bremner is Research Director. Maureen Doughtie, Jocelyn Fujii, Carol Whitesell, Hal Glatzer, Anna Hoover, Sara Allday, Frank Inouye and Tim Toner are researchers. The Vista Volunteers are the most terrific Vista Volunteers ever. We hope you will all meet them before their year's service is over. Bruce Bowen is our man on the Big Island. Nancy Marker is travelling to Molokai, Maui and Lanai and Sunny Aigner covers Kauai and Windward Oahu. Amy Yamashita is busy in Honolulu and John Nunes is organizing Leeward Oahu. A break in the Who's Who for a word about the community meetings. The meetings our Vista Volunteers will be running are called the CONstitutional CONvention Issues Input Process. This is the chance for the citizens to say what they think the issues should be. The meetings will be announced as to time and place and will be open to all. We encourage you to attend.

Helping us to organize the Delegates Workshop are Stuart G. Brovm, Dick Kosaki, Winfield Nagley, John Walsh and Reuel Denny. We are presently inviting mainland resource people to the workshop. We have received positive responses from James MacGregor Burns, noted author, and William N. Cassella, Jr. of the National Municipal League.

Overseeing the efforts of all these people is the Ka Po'e Project Steering Committee. These people came together in December of 1976 to "do something" on the Con Con. They have worked faithfully and hard to bring to fruition 'O Ka Po'e Ke Kumu O Ke Kanawai. The members are Jon Van Dyke, Jim Paul Paul Alston, Corey Park, Jerry Hess, Rhoda Miller, Laua Goo, Muriel Roberts and Pat Shutt.

The most important participants in the whole project are the citizens of Hawaii who should become as informed as possible on constitutional revision and then get involved in the process. We trust all league members are already busy.

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