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Energy Program: Science for Citizens

Energy Fairs were held throughout the state in November and December as part of the National Science Foundation - Science for Citizens Program on Energy in which the League is an active participant. Surveys on energy attitudes conducted at the various sites in Honolulu, Kaunakakai, Kahului, Hilo, Kona and Lihue indicated that people wanted State money to be used on energy research and development, do not trust private enterprise to provide for the future of energy and, surprisingly, are willing to be further taxed as long as incentives for conservation are provided. Ranking very high on the favored list were establishment of a Hawaii Natural Energy Laboratory and a Hawaii Department of Energy, energy tax credits for industry and residences and the concept of energy self-sufficiency. Each neighbor island ranked energy self-sufficiency for its own island as the most favored activity.

The current emphasis of the year-long program is to follow the progress of energy legislation in the legislature and to encourage constituents to talk with and write to their legislators. The League as well as Science for Citizens has been testifying at the hearings of Senator T.C. Yim's Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources. The big effort in passing Energy legislation this year will be in lobbying Representative Cayetano's House Committee on Transportation and Energy. League members on the island of Hawaii and on Kauai are encouraged to contact the Science for Citizens County chairman - Mary Matayoshi in Hilo (961-9354) and Miles Nakamura in Lihue (245-4556) to keep track of the project and the legislation.

Members of the House Energy and Transportation Committee are so occupied by transportation that they might not take the time to support the very comprehensive energy legislative package that was generated by the Senate with LWV participation. Our impact can be felt here,

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