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Ka Po'e - The People Are the Source of the Law
ERA - Hawaii (Barbara Dykes)
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Campaign Spending: Public Financing for Hawaii?
How to Be an Effictive Lobbyist
What Hawaii Means to Me (Dorothy Marsh)
Energy Program: Science for Citizens
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On the Big Island of Hawaii the LWV is involved in a coalition of groups called CONCERN, which stands for Con Con, Education and Research Network. The group is holding a series of meetings on issues which may arise at the constitutional convention. Issues included so far include Unicameralism with Nelson Doi and David Mc Clung, Open Primary with Nelson Doi and Minoru Hirabara, Education with Dan Tuttle and Neil Abercrombie, ERA with Ah Quon McElrath and Helen Priester, Initiative, Referendum and Recall with JoAnn Yukimura and Ah Quon McElrath.

Future programs will be the merit selection of judges, Grand Jury system and State vs. County control of land and money. Started in November the meetings have been successful enough to attract large audiences. Prior to the election CONCERN plans a candidates night and in collaboration with UH-Hilo a mock Con Con.

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