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Legislative Reform Consensus
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State League... 1978 Legislative Package
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Thank God, It's NMP (Sue Francis)
When We Look at the Problems of Our Cities (Ruth Clusen)

State League * * * 1978 Legislative Package

  1. Sunshine in Collective Bargaining

    We believe that there should be some opportunity for citizen review and participation in the public collective bargaining process

  2. Solid Waste

    Resource, Recovery and Recycling is still one of our concerns, but it appears not of too much concern to our Legislators. We think the deposit and return Bottle Bill will come up again this session; and there may be some legislation on litter control.

  3. Land Use

    The most important area we will be following is the proposed State Plan. The questions we're asking are: What difference will it make? What will it do to the Land Use Commission? Will the environment be adequately protected? Will it reduce intergovernmental conflict and disagreement?

  4. Legislative Reform

    The League always has something to say about Legislative responsiveness and responsibilities. Our statewide position on Legislative Reform and Initiative and Referendum can be found on another page of this Leo Hana.

  5. ERA - This is an emergency program item

    We're ready for this one, and have already begun lobbying with our Legislators, our READ THIS brochure, and our membership in ERA-Hawaii. Barbara Dykes, our State Board ERA chair, also Chairs ERA-Hawaii.

In the meantime, out of the corner of our eye we will be watching any legislation regarding Schools, Energy, and where any supplemental money allocated for the Constitutional Convention is going.

Join our Statewide Lobby Corps -- All it takes is commitment, confidence, communication, collaboration and cussedness. More important it's fun.

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