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Many Sides of Action: Any Member Can Be a Lobbyist
Money and the Lack of It
Ka Po'e - The People Are the Source of the Law
ERA Update Hawaii
Legislative Reform Consensus
Join the d.a.r.
State League... 1978 Legislative Package
Study: Primary Process
Thank God, It's NMP (Sue Francis)
When We Look at the Problems of Our Cities (Ruth Clusen)

Money and the Lack of It

The League is underfunded at all levels - local, state, and national. Why is "Finance" such an onerous task for us?

Many League members give generous amounts of their time and talents to League Program and Voter Service. If we believe in League why are we reluctant to sell it?

On December 9th the State and the Honolulu Leagues are holding a joint "Makamaka Mixer" at the Yokohama Species Bank. We are hoping every member will sell the five tickets we've sent them to make this social, and fund raising event a big success. We've never tried this kind of an event before. It should be fun meeting other League members for cocktails and pupus while supporting the League at the same time.


Don't miss the Energy Fairs

Co-sponsored by LWV on the Neighbor Islands -

December 1977

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