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Ka Po'e - The People Are the Source of the Law

A project of the League of Women Voters of Hawaii Education Fund, Inc.

This is the first in a series of articles on the League of Women Voters Education Fund project, KA POE: which is not a radio station, nor a new musical group, but a foundation funded, League organized project to involve citizens in the Constitutional Convention.

Choosing for its title a Hawaiian phrase meaning "The people are the source of the law" the LWVH Ed Fund has embarked upon a project to assure that the people of Hawaii do indeed participate in the formulation of the state's basic law, its' constitution, at next summer's Constitutional Convention.

For many months, under the direction of Ed Fund President Pat Shutt, the project has been soliciting funds from local and national sources to carry out an ambitious list of activities.

The project is divided into five components which includes

  1. a Brochure, with cartoons by Corky Trinidad, explaining what a Con Con is, and how citizens can and should be part of the process;

  2. a Film, to be shown on TV and at public meetings covering the basics of a Con Con;

  3. a series of Community Meetings, the real heart of the project, at which citizens will have an opportunity to offer their ideas for changes in the constitution;

  4. an Issues Brochure, which will present the issues raised at the Community Meetings, with pros and cons, as well as the possible social and economic effects of proposed changes;

  5. a four day Delegates Workshop, involving humanists, constitutional authorities, and resource persons, to prepare the elected delegates for their convention work, and to inform them of the issues as raised at the Community Meetings.

The funding for this ambitious project is not entirely assured as yet, but prospects are good. The LWV Ed Fund is committed to involving "the people" in their Con Con, and League members will see that it happens.

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