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Join the d.a.r.

No, you are not being asked to prove that your ancestors came on the Mayflower. We only want you to join the fight for deposit and return (d.a.r.) of beverage containers. The group is composed of organizations including LWV, which have been working for minimum deposit legislation, and has already drafted a bill which is being circulated for comment. The bill calls for a minimum deposit of 50 per container, to be refunded by the retailer. To emphasize its commitment to a cleaner Hawaii, d.a.r.l participated in the statewide cleanup campaign, and in the process reconfirmed the fact that beverage containers make up the bulk of the trash littering the landscape. A button, bearing the d.a.r.! logo is being printed, and will be for sale to raise funds and consciousness. The group has also started a letter writing campaign to the newspapers and legislators.

If you want more information, buttons, a speaker, or to offer help, call d.a.r.! in the evening at 947-1665 (Maureen), or 538-1478 (Peggy). This is the year we will get our deposit and return legislation!

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