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ERA Update Hawaii

Ever since the International Women's Year meeting in Hawaii, pro-ERA people have become increasingly concerned about the 14 anti-ERA delegates' claim -that they represent the majority opinion of Hawaii's citizens. Under the names of "Eagle Forum and Women Care," opponents have been actively working to take away Hawaii's Equal Rights Amendment by confusing the public with misinformation. Most recently anti-ERA people held a rally at the Waikiki Shell in hopes that thousands of people would show up. This attempt fizzled when only about 300 people attended. But we hold no illusions about the future. If the ERA becomes an issue at the legislature or at Con Con, we know the anti-ERA buses may well roll again. Therefore the people supporting the ERA have begun to organize.

In October the pro-ERA people, started working together to secure endorsements from community groups to prove the widespread support for the Equal Rights Amendment. On November 1 a press conference was held to announce the formation of "ERA-Hawaii", an equal rights alliance. Already the alliance encompasses 36 groups which represent over 52,000 people throughout the state. ERA-Hawaii speaks only on one issues support of the ERA. Members are focusing their efforts on educating the public with the facts about the ERA and blocking a recision attempt in our state. Presently we need volunteers to help organize letter writing campaigns to our legislators and newspapers and plan strategy for public education. If there is a group or an individual you think we should be contacting, give Barbara Dykes a call (235-0749). Come and join our enthusiastic group.


At last our ERA brochure is hot off the press. Each league member should have received a copy with the Leo Hana. Groups participating in the ERA-Hawaii alliance were among the first to receive copies so members could have the facts at hand to dispel the most commonly raised questions about the ERA.


Our second order of 150 ERA necklaces has arrived. The response has been outstanding: to order one, call Myrne Blomquist at 262-7635.

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