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State Plan

In the last issue of the LEO NANA we reported on the Hawaii State Plan now being formulated with adoption slated for the 1978 legislative session. Already the public has had several opportunities to participate in formulating the plan which will be THE guide to development in the state in several major areas: POPULATION, THE ECONOMY, NATURAL ENVIRONMENT, FACILITY SYSTEMS, AND SOCIO-CULTURAL ADVANCEMENT.

Between July and September a survey of residents was conducted randomly. It shows that the major concern of Island residents is employment. Many residents favor location of new businesses on the outer islands to avoid the crowding, congestion and competition for jobs on Oahu. In general Oahu residents favor a slower rate of population growth, while Neighbor Island residents favor maintaining or increasing growth.

But at the public workshops held recently, Maui residents voiced their concern that growth may be too great on outer islands. The workshops dealt primarily with the goals, objectives and policies of the plan which is only in the draft stage. There is still plenty of time to review the plan as the following schedule shows. Take advantage of the opportunity! You can shape the future. If you missed the recent workshops, there is a workshop packet in the League office for your information.

For further information, contact the Department of Planning and Economic Development.


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