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Voter Service

In keeping with the League goals developed at State Council this year, several large scale voter service projects are afoot. One is the AKAMAI VOTER COURSE sponsored by LWV Honolulu and the YWCA-Richards Street. Based on Rhoda Miller's pilot course for Hawaii's high schools, this four-session mini-course is designed to help the citizen become a more discerning voter. The sessions last two hours and cover:

ISSUES, NOT IMAGES - The influence of mass media in a political campaign.
THE COURTING DANCE - How a campaign is conducted.
TRY THIS ONE ON FOR SIZE - Evaluating a candidate.
THE MORNING AFTER - Citizenship responsibility after the election.

State Board voted to pay round-trip plane fare for one person from each outer island League to attend the training session in presenting the course. Also appropriated was $50 each to Hilo and Kauai Leagues to pay for materials needed for the course. Watch your local voter for presentation times on your island.

This will be my first time to vote but I've never been told whether I'm a Democrat or a Republican.

Also going out to all local Leagues is the State publication, FACTS FOR VOTERS geared to the up and coming primary and general elections. A distribution of 25,000 throughout the state is planned for September. Please call Jerry Hess if you have ideas on where and how to distribute.

Another "goodie" is the National publication PICK A CANDIDATE. State League has ordered 1200 for distribution on Oahu. Only $3.00 per hundred, the pamphlets offer valuable information and suggestions.


New closing date to register for the primary election is September 2.

For the general election: October 1. The deadline is now 30 days rather than 26 days before the election.

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