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From You, For You: Sex - Bias

Many League members are active on government or community boards, committees, and commissions. The first-hand information the League receives from them is most valuable. We would like to pass on this information to all League members. LEO HANA welcomes reports and encourages you to submit them at any time. Please contact Sue Francis. The following reports have been filed:


JEAN KO, recent appointee to the Board of Education's Equal Opportunity in Educational Programs and Activities Committee (EOEPA) reports:

"Title IX, the 1972 educational amendment, guarantees the right of every person to quality education programs regardless of sex. Hawaii schools like other educational institutions receiving any federal aid have one year for elementary and two years for secondary schools to examine their policies and modify them to comply with the law by eliminating discriminatory participation on the basis of sex. Final date for compliance is July 21, 1978.

Marian Saunders, BOE member, chairs the EOEPA Committee, an advisory group of citizens from community organizations including the League of Women Voters. During the summer the committee organized and established the following subcommittees: Curriculum and Textbooks, Students Activities, Counseling, and Athletics. Sex-bias awareness was increased through handouts, a report from a discussion with Helen Walsh, Title IX Coordinator in the Office, of Civil Rights, and a review of A REPORT ON SEX BIAS IN THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS OF HAWAII. The committee considered the following as priority items for action: Top-level administration commitment, in-service training, and community awareness.

Questions on matters pertaining to equal education may be addressed to Pat Brandt, Coordinator of the Department of Education's Equal Opportunity Office, P.O. Box 2360, Honolulu, Hawaii 96804."

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