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For Love ... or Money

One popular song declares that "Love Makes the World Go 'Round". But another proclaims that in fact

"Money Makes the World Go Around". Which is it? Let's narrow the field a bit: Which makes the League of Women Voters of Hawaii go around?

Much if not all of the work we do in League is out of LOVE - some kind of love; self-love because we want to improve ourselves; love of others because we stand for human values and lobby for programs that will benefit all people; love of country because we believe in the democratic process. And so the work of the League goes forward propelled by LOVE translated into many hours, many meetings, many long, hard struggles, decisions, headaches.

But hold on! What about our office, telephone, supplies? What about printing, postage, publications? What about travel to State and National Conventions? Ah, here is where the MONEY creeps in. And creeps in is putting it just about right.

State League needs money to run. Local pledges are generous, but don't cover the costs. Outside donations and member contributions are welcome additions to the treasury, but are not enough to meet the budget. We must raise money through an ALL-OUT FINANCE DRIVE WITH TOTAL MEMBER INVOLVEMENT. What that means is that some of the work we do so willingly out of love must be directed toward raising MONEY for the League - or LWV Hawaii will not continue to "go 'round".

While it is true that "man does not live by bread alone", it is also a fact that "one cannot live on love". So let us all work for the League - FOR LOVE AND MONEY!

(Call Craig Whitesell to volunteer or please, please answer his call when he contacts you. Thanks!)

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