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Energy Consensus

The following consensus statement was developed at the State Board Meeting, June 5, using information received from the three local Leagues:

The League of Women Voters of Hawaii recommends the following as the most feasible alternatives to fossil fuels for the State of Hawaii: SOLID WASTE, BIO-MASS CONVERSION, SOLAR ENERGY, WIND ENERGY, and HYDRO-ELECTRIC POWER. These alternatives were selected in view of present technological stage of development, applicability to Hawaii's environment and resources, desirability in terms of environmental considerations, energy demands that can be met, and economic feasibility. The applicability of these alternatives varies island to island and the League stresses that local conditions must be considered.

The League further believes that research should be encouraged in all types of alternate energy sources with careful consideration of the impact on the environment. However, alternate energy sources adopted must maintain, not lower, established environmental standards.

Energy conservation and public education about the energy situation must be undertaken by all levels of government as well as by the private sector and the general public.

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