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State Council

There was a new twist to State Council this year. Instead of simply focusing on organizational barriers and defects, each individual participant was given the opportunity to explore her/his personal goals, desires, and obstacles. This new focus stemmed from the State Board's assessment that the League has not given enough attention to the "care and welfare of members".

In small groups delegates were told to list the ideal traits we desired for ourselves, the activities we are presently involved in, the activities and goals we want to be involved in one year from now, and our desired goals and activities for five years in the future. Delegates were then told to map out the means for achieving one of those goals, and lastly to identify obstacles to achievement and means of overcoming them. Everyone was given a chance to discuss her/his plan and received helpful feedback from the rest of the group. All in all, it was a very eye-opening and uplifting experience.

Delegates then turned to leadership responsibilities and techniques and League goals and obstacles. The group concluded that effort must be concentrated in five major areas: 1) increasing League visibility; 2) providing voter service; 3) attaining financial stability; 4) continuing lobbying and issue examination (but issues should be limited) and; 5) promoting the care and welfare of the membership by being more sensitive to the needs of individual members.

Marian Saari, Kokokahi YWCA Program Director, highlighted the meeting with an inspiring presentation of the changing role of women in American history. She left no doubt that women have held and do "hold up half the sky". Marian was kind enough to provide her bibliography for our own personal reference:

Chafe, William The American Woman

Flexner, Eleanor Century of Struggle

Friedan, Betty The Feminine Mystique

Grimke, Sarah Letters on the Equality of the Sexes

Johnson, Georgia Douglas "Your World", American Negro Poetry

Komarovsky, Mira Women in the Modern World

Lemon, J. Stanley The Woman Citizen

Mead, Margaret Male and Female

Notable American Women - 3 Volumes

Spruill, Julia Cherry Women's Life and Work in the Southern Colonies

Wollstonecroft, Mary Vindication of the Rights of Women

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