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From You, For You: Child Abuse

Many League members are active on government or community boards, committees, and commissions. The first-hand information the League receives from them is most valuable. We would like to pass on this information to all League members. LEO HANA welcomes reports and encourages you to submit them at any time. Please contact Sue Francis. The following reports have been filed:


SUE FRANCIS, member of the Advisory Committee to the Children's Protective Service Center and alternate to the newly-formed Hawaii State Council on Child Abuse and Neglect reports on the July 16 Seminar on Preventive Services in Child Abuse and Neglect:

"Success in preventing child abuse was demonstrated in a presentation by Dr. C. Henry Kempe, Director for the National Center for Prevention and Treatment of Child Abuse and Neglect. Simple records were kept of parental reactions at the birth of a child, and outreach care by social workers and nurses was given to families identified as "highly-stressed". Compared with a control group, these families had significantly fewer cases of abuse.

Not only is child abuse a drain on the human resources of a community, it is enormously costly to the taxpayer. Preventive services provide a savings both spiritually and financially. This cost-effectiveness clearly impressed the State Legislators who attended the seminar: Representatives Kate Stanley, Carl Takamura, Tony Kunimura, and Faith Evans, and Senators Anson Chong and Dennis O'Connor. It was also especially significant in light of the recent DSSH budget cut in which it appears that funds appropriated specifically for preventive services ($80,000) will not be released by Director Andrew Chang. Jenny Yukimura from Kauai reports that Kauai League has drafted a letter to the Governor to request that the funds be released as a top-priority in Child Protective Services.

With the formation of the statewide Council on Child Abuse and Neglect, we look forward to some real progress in coordination and planning of child abuse services in the state."

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