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CON-CON WILL BE ON THE BALLOT: The League's major lobbying effort was a success. Citizens will have the opportunity THIS YEAR to vote on having a Constitutional Convention. Not our work. has just begun. Now we must campaign for a "yes" vote, study major issues to be taken up at the Con-Con, and launch a public information program on the issues. if you are interested in any aspect of Con-Con, please contact Marian Wilkins.


Pat Shutt on S.B. 1971 in support of a hearing process for. developing rules and regulations for lobbyist registration, and on S.L. 2490 in support of proposed amendments to Chapter 97 of the Hawaii Revised Statutes on lobbyist registration with the exception of the proposal to increase the penalty for violation. (Bills did not emerge from Judiciary Committee.)

Jerry Hess on H.B. 2782 in support of amendments to the Campaign Spending Law which would include limitations on campaign contributions and establish a better means of disclosure before elections; and on H.B. 2669 requesting funds to continue the Voter Education Course initiated last year in the public high schools. (Bills failed to pass.)

Rhoda Miller on H.B. 3126 voicing reservations on proposed amendments to the "Sunshine Law" which would exclude the Governor's cabinet and ad-hoc appointed groups from the jurisdiction of the law, would permit boards to change agendas at the last minute, would leave the determination of cost of reproducing public records up to administering agencies, would exclude the legislature from the law.

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