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RECAP: If the question "SHALL WE HAVE A CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION" is not placed on the ballot this year, the voters of Hawaii will have to wait two years to decide the issue. (The Con-Con question must appear on the ballot every 10 years. The 1976 general election falls 6 days short of the 10 year period, and the Attorney General ruled that the issue need not be placed on the 1976 ballot.)

FIRST THE BAD NEWS: LWV of Hawaii, Common Cause, and Council of Presidents filed suit against the Lieutenant Governor to clarify the meaning of the 10 year period and lost in Circuit Court. An appeal to the Supreme Court has been filed.

NOW THE GOOD NEWS: The League has made the Con-Con issue THE ISSUE during this legislative session The Senate has approved a measure that would place Con-Con on the '76 ballot. It must now pass the House and meet the Governor's approval.

LOBBY!: Everyone can lobby individually on this issue by talking to friends and neighbors and by contacting their Representatives. If you would like to lobby for the League on this or any other League position, you must register as a lobbyist. The process is simple. Please contact Nancy Perea or your local league president for details.

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