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Energy - Elemental, but not Simple
Test Your E.Q. (Energy Quotient)
What Can We Do about the Energy Crisis?
Human Resources - Too Much! Too Much! (Melvia Kawashima)
Women Resources
Congratulation to these League Women

Energy - Elemental, but not Simple


To maintain the average American at present comfort levels requires 21,600 lbs. of nonmetal resources such as sand, gravel and salt, 1,450 lbs. of metal substances and 18,600 lbs. of fossil fuels, plus a little less than one ounce of uranium each year. That amount of energy, near twice what the average European uses in a year, is the equivalent of each citizen having 300 slaves working 24 hours a day!

*Logo and paraphrase from National LWV REPORT FROM THE HILL.

Focus of this issues RESOURCES - Natural pp. 1-6 - Human p. 6 - Women pp. 7&8

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