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State Board 1975-77

President Pat Shutt 239-8229

Vice President Jerry Hess 262-4828

Secy/Treas. Laura Goo 395-5589


Human Resources Melvia Kawashima 395-4856

Editor Sue Francis 724-6330

Environmental Qual. Harriet Kaye (1) 967-7980

Representative Govt. Marian Wilkins 261-0549

Finance and Develop. Craig Whitesell 261-6114

Off Board

Public Relations Rhoda Miller 262-7467

Hawaii Wallet Rhoda Lewis 923-8176

STATE PRESIDENTS - PAST AND PRESENT Outgoing President (and incoming Director) Melvia Kawashima addressed the convention, congratulating the League on a good track record, but calling on Leaguers to "make waves" on important issues and be willing to "take the heat" for our positions. MAHALO to Melvia and the 1973-1975 State Board for a job well done!

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