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Proposed State Program 1975-77


  1. State Government Finances -- "Hawaii Wallet." During 1973-75 "Where the Money comes from and Where the Money Goes" was covered by our 3 local leagues. We will now be going into issues and our future role based on our conclusions.

  2. Concentration on Community Education in basic government.

  3. Continued coverage on National positions in Environmental Quality, Human Resources and Representative Government as it applies to the State of Hawaii,

  4. Continued action on League principles, especially in support of Open Government.


LAND USE -- support comprehensive planning as the basis of land use decisions, public input into the planning process, device to insure coordination and cooperation between state and county planning, and controls for conservation districts.

SCHOOLS--support equal financing and educational opportunities for all children, public input concerning policy setting administration, and budget making for statewide K-12 system.

HOUSING--support a framework of state, federal, local and private sectors that gill sustain an aggressive program that will increase the supply of low and moderate homes and bring costs in line with ability to pay.

SOLID WASTE--support recycling and resource recovery by private industry with cooperation and support from government.

ETHICS --- support a state code of ethics administered by a Board of Ethics covering all elected and appointed officials; support broad principles designed to protect and inform the public and public servant and to provide fair and equal treatment.

CAMPAIGN SPENDING--support completion of state position to address corporate and union campaign contributions.

* * * * *

NON-RECOMMENDED: Higher Education Study, Initiative and Referendum Study.

* * * * *

Recommendations for changes submitted in writing by local League boards and received by the Board of Directors at least three weeks before opening of the Convention shall be considered by the Board prior to the Convention, at which time the Board may modify the proposed program.

* * * * *

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