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You Too Can Participate in International Women's Year 1975

International Women's Year has been proclaimed by the United Nations as a call to action

  • to promote equality between men and women;

  • to integrate women into the total social and economic development effort of nations; and

  • to recognize women's increasing contribution to strengthening world peace.

The Year came into being

  • because, despite decades of progress in eliminating discrimination against women, in no country have they attained full equality; and

  • because of growing global recognition of the importance of women in nation-building.

A wide variety of needs confront women around the world. They range from improving the lot of rural agricultural workers to securing equal access to policy-making positions. There are, however, many common concerns. Chief among them is lack of opportunity and adequate preparation for the full participation of women in their respective societies.

  • Although women constitute more than one-third of the world's gainfully employed labor force, they are in most countries concentrated in unskilled and low-paid jobs. Women's access to high-level, well-paid jobs is limited.

  • In the majority of countries, only a small percentage of women hold policy-making posts - whether legislative, judicial or executive.

  • In the U.S., the President's Council of Economic Advisors reported in 1973 that while 43.8 percent of working age women were employed, they were clustered in low-status jobs, and their pay averaged only 66.1 percent of men's wages.

The biological symbol for woman, the mathematical sign for equality and the dove: The IWY 1975 emblem illustrates the determination to help women - half of the world's population - to participate on every level in the solution of the world's problems.

"The full and complete development of a country, the welfare of the world and the cause of peace require the maximum participation of women as well as men in all fields."

- From the Preamble of the Declaration on the
Elimination of Discrimination Against Women

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