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Unemployed and Underemployed
You Too Can Participate in International Women's Year 1975
What Is Affirmative Action?
Know Your Schools - (Do You?)
Public Workshop on Sex Bias in Education
Are Empty Jets Flying to the West Coast Burning Up Fuel?
State Convention - May 16-17 (tentative)
Board News
Congratulations on their Successful Elections to LWVers
Know Your Schools Questionnaire

Congratulations on their Successful Elections to LWVers

CONGRATULATIONS on their successful elections to LWVers Marilyn Bornhorst, Honolulu City Council; Faith Evans and Kathleen Stanley, State House of Representatives; and Mary George, State Senate.


Watch for LWV Hawaii's priority sheet that the State League Lobby Corps distributed to legislators, soon to be published in the first Legislative Log.

"Ever since your Mom joined the League of Women Voters you think you know all about everything."

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