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National Land Use: January 31, 1975 Consensus

Vote Power: How to Work for the Person You Want Elected

VOTE POWER: HOW TO WORK FOR THE PERSON YOU WANT ELECTED. By W. T. Murphy, Jr. and Edward Schneier. Anchor Books, c1974. $1.95 paper.

The way to make legislative changes is to get a candidate who shares your viewpoint elected to office. How to do it? Work in the existing party; get a candidate who will give a good public image, more importantly, who can get along with his staff, and finally, who has time to campaign. The campaign organization requires four good lists: registered voters, canvass lists of the previous campaign, special groups (professions from the yellow pages, students, faculties, club members, etc.) and candidate nominating petitions. To avoid tensions of conflicting roles the campaign staff requires only one press secretary, one treasurer, and one campaign manager. Lines of responsibility must be clearly defined at weekly staff meetings, social events and strategy sessions.

The ideal campaign begins a year before the election, getting to know key people, associating ones name with good causes, and building an association of committed volunteers.

"If we have come to think that the nursery and the kitchen are the natural sphere of woman, we have done so exactly as English children come to think that a cage is the natural sphere of a parrot because they have never seen one anywhere else."

George Bernard Shaw

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